Friday, March 23, 2012

Real-time evolution

without a computer, it is near impossible to experience real-time evolution.  It requires a necessary time-span that our mortal bodies cannot endure..  All we can see are the many results of evolution.  But this is exclusive to evolution concerning our genes.  That concerned with our brains seems to be something different, and the reason I suppose this is that I just experienced real-time evolution of the brain.  (as a side not, It seems too convenient that our brains and computers both share this kind of evolution.)

Here is my real-time experience.  About a month back, I had almost missed my train because I had changed one tic of my daily psychological routine.  What saved me was some freak co-reaction with the environment and my brain that luckily sent my on the correct path.  (I wrote about it in an earlier post titled Auto-pilot )

Jump ahead to this morning and I find myself making the same mistake, except this time my brain self-corrected all by itself.  This means that my brain was unfit for the particular environment that preceeded the first mishap, the environment being making quick conscious changes to my subconscious routines, and the proof of it's unfitness being me almost getting on the wrong train.  BUT because of some freak mutation in the form of the conscious using the surrounding environment to communicate that something was wrong to the subconscious which effectively corrected the mistake, that combination of "freak genes" survived to the next generation.  The proof of their survival being the next time the mishap happened all the corrections were automatically made without any conscious recognition because those "genes" found their home in my subconscious "gene pool". 

imagine there being 2 genes each with its own strategy for what to do in that situation.  one was picked and it happened to be the one more fit for the situation, and therefore that gene stayed on for the next time it happened.

This is the same process our bodies went through when we developed eyes to see, or hands to grab.  except I was able to witness the before and after of the entire process!!!!!!!!!!!  Time has a new meaning here!!!!!


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