Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I think this will be something i will take to my grave.......tomorrow.  I can't imagine a world where this idea is understood and accepted for all the logic that it clearly demonstrates.

The title I will leave for the emotionally retarded to interpret because I firmly believe any form of emotional output is by nature retarded.  Emotions are continuously in a retarded state of progression and therefore anything born from them is as such retarded..

It would be sooooooo stupid for anyone to judge another persons actions based on those of someone else.  No one would arrest me for a crime my ancestor of 200 hundred years go commited.  Yet every fuckin time we place our emotions onto things we or someone does we are doing just that.  And we can't help it.  We can't do anything but this.  This is how we define our humanity......even our individuality.   therefore I deem our emotional selves as retarded.  We are slow.  We still don't get it.

When we were fetuses we had no feelings.  We had our natural disposition, our subconscious, that was allotted to us genetically upon conception from our parents.  Not until our senses matured to a state capable of interacting with the outside world was this subconscious able to communicate with our conscious whats going on.  These communications are what eventually form into what we call our feelings. But these communications are always one way, and require an external experience with which our senses can interact.  This means our feelings are products of our subconscious sitting there waiting for shit to happen in the world that will allow it to communicate to our conscious what its about.  That is sloooooooooooooooow.  That's why our feelings are always changing throughout our entire life because it takes forever for life to provide enough experiences for our subconscious to use to communicate to us whats up.

To state it plainly, the feelings you express today are ancient relics of communication your subconscious made with your conscious from experiences your had with the world since you began to feel, see, hear, taste and touch.

There was, in no one's life, a moment where they just discovered something new.  This is because, as I stated above, we have been who we are since our parent's sex cells formed us.  Then once our 5 senses matured enough, we started the process of life and communication from subconscious to conscious commenced.  To believe otherwise would mean you could have the feeling of "like" for something, say coffee, without having first smelled, tasted, seen, heard and/or touched it.  To believe such an experience is possible is ridiculous.  To fantasize and entertain such experiences as possible is just another feeling that was developed by the process stated above.

We are each a canvas already painted by someone else's sperm and egg, that is trying to expose itself to the world by the slow process of life.  We are NOT an empty white canvas that is being painted by the slow process of life.

With this logic it can be understood that every emotional reaction we have in life is simply ourselves remembering past experiences in which our subconscious communicated to us the current emotion we are feeling.  This means that when you see someone kill another person and you feel bad, you are not actually feeling bad about that experience, because that experience is new and as such completely detached from you, you are recalling all the past experiences that are even the most distantly related to what you are experiencing now and are placing the reactions you had THEN with the NOW.  In other words, you are judging the NOW with your PAST.  So say for example in your PAST someone killed you mother; The feeling communicated then could be in many forms: hatred, despair, depression, or whatever of the millions of words we have invented to describes our feelings in all their complex forms.  SO when you experience anything similar to this particular past event, you simply regurgitate all your past events and place them judgmentally onto the present one, regardless to the actual situation at hand.  The person committing the killing could be doing it in self defense after being raped or beaten.  

Now, we have evolved a bit from this blatantly ignorant place of judgment.  We assess situations better than before, we listen and try to understand things before we place judgement.  We have developed entire systems with the single end of assuring that facts were presented and decisions were made with the least amount of emotional sway as possible.  But it seems all this evolving have happened on a social level, NOT personal.  As individuals we still hold onto our emotional prejudices.  So much that we even call them our individuality; our PERSONality.  We approach our girlfriends who want to look at our phones with the feeling anger not because the act of looking at a phone in itself is worthy to cause anger, but because we have had many similar experiences in the past and we reacted the same way.  And the girlfriend asking to see her boyfriend's phone is not because he is intrinsically disloyal but because she also had many similar experiences in her past and this is how she reacted to them.

Now why is the understanding of this important?  Let me restate the beginning.  Why would we undoubtedly say that blaming someone for the actions of there ancestors is stupid yet blame our current boyfriends or girlfriends for actions of past boyfriends/girlfriends.  

There are many things to be considered here before any of what I said can hold any water.  usually girlfriends who want to look at boyfriend's phones do so because they see their boyfriend do things similar to what their past boyfriends did; Boyfriends who ACTUALLY did cheat.  But also it is possible that a boyfriend getting angry for a girlfriend looking at his phone is not because he has anything to hide but because he also has had many girlfriends in the past who did the same and he dislikes invasions of privacy.  The point is that ANY situation is possible BECAUSE NO ONE IS THE SAME!!!!  The results are as diverse as the subjects participating, and since every single subject is unique, EVERY result has the potential to be equally so.  SO it makes NO sense to keep judging every experience in life with your old-ass feelings, IF you truly comprehend this logic.

If you always see your past in the present you will never have a future.

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