Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Human fitness

first it was the world, then society, then a family, then human.  After a long, emotional discussion with my brother about what it is to be fit as a human being, we first had to determine what would constitute a fit world, and from there a society.  and from there a family and finally human  we concluded that a fit world is one where all the societies within were occupied by families whose number of members were susutainably in balance with the current economic/ecological situation.  I suck at with words.  this means that you don't give birth to more babies then you, by yourself, can take care of.  If a world was occupied only by people that never had more babies then they could take care of that would mean that every baby would have food, love, shelter, and a future.  there would be no need for welfare, charities, philanthropy  etc, because every child would have everything they needed to survive from their parents.  AND THEN under those circumstances say there were moments (natural disasters, diseases, calamities) where outside help was needed, it would be ok to help cuz you would just be helping to maintain the equilibrium.  But the only way for this to happen would be to allow people who had too many babies to suffer for their decisions and not step in and try to help them.  they suffer because they have more kids than they can care for which means their children die from not receiving the right amount of care.  we have to just let that happen.  those types of people are removed from the gene pool, and eventually only those that have the right amount of kids for the current situation remain.  but the only way to allow people to suffer for their mistakes is to emotionally detach yourself from their situation, which is what we clearly are not doing today.  institutions like welfare, and charity and maybe even philanthropic work from billionaires are all actions of too much compassion from an evolutionary fit point of view.  those actions only sustain the practice of having too many kids, and don't allow punishment to be dealt by nature.  No animal receives such benefits, and all animals live in harmony with their environment.  So the hit human is one that is emotional enough to want to have a family and care for them, but not too emotional to care for other peoples families.