Sunday, December 23, 2012

What just happened?

I guess my brain has married two distinct mental states for how I drink certain liquids..........hehehehehe.....I am already retrospectively laughing at this last sentence as if I wrote it 2 years ago when I was young, dumb, and full of come.

I drank a cup of coffee at my favorite local in a town called Hongdae where there are plenty of people who are in fact young, dumb, and MADE of come.  The reason this coffee house is located in Hongdae has always eluded me.  I have put much thought into the possiblilities.  It is one of only two coffee houses of it's kind in all of Korea.  This is because it is unique; so unique that people from all over Korea come to it.  The owner of it actually has a passion for coffee.  I know this because he told me.  He personally goes to the countries from which he imports his coffee and communicates with the people there.  He spends his whole life swimming in coffee, not money.  So of course you can taste his sweat in the coffee they serve you and it makes a huge difference from the cup of Jo you would get from the corner cookie cut shop.  Yet he chooses to have his shop in Hongdae - A place inhabited by palates who couldn't differentiate a cup of quality coffee from quality dirt.  I could open up a shop that advertised home grown, down to earth coffee and serve my customers actual earth - and I'd still have success.  If there were a town where you wanted to face smash every persons cup of coffee in the name of Louis C.K. - Hongdae is that place.

So I drank a cup of yummy coffee at this beautiful establishment.  It was in the utmost pretty of china sets - blue circles laced with curvy purple lines cradled by a golden ear.  My goodness I love that place.  Such attention to detail!!!!  A cup of coffee in a teacup that makes Queen Eliz look like a two-dollar whore tastes much better than the same coffee in some paper putter piece of poop and I hope your taste buds start a mutiny if you think otherwise.  They deserve better.

So I drank this cup of coffee at this establishment that I love.  It was siphon served.  Yea.  I bet you have no idea what I'm talking about.  That is exactly my point.  Siphon is one of the many alternative ways to prepare coffee you might discover if you actually enjoyed coffee for it's robust flavor and complex texture; not just for it's chemical affect on your mind and the social culture that has sprouted around it.  See, the flavor of coffee is so complex with so many factors that go into it even before it has been brewed.  From the intimate relationship it has with it's geographic location to it's method of roasting.  It all affects how the flavor matures.  And even then once you have the beans ready to be ground, and drank, you still have options of preparing the grounds that can enhance certain parts of the flavors already instilled into it from nature.

So I was drinking this cup of siphoned coffee in this adorably royal china set from some country (I don't know where.  I actually don't care.  I only drink coffee because it makes me look sophisticated)  and I had the weirdest of experiences.  I like me coffee bitter and black like a dead man in the 1920's and so when I get down to the last couple swigs; when I get dirty with the dregs it usually packs an extra bitter punch.  I like it that way with my coffee, women etc.  This time as I took my last punch I was hit with something new but old; something that caught me completely off guard.  My face reacted with a cringe typical to when I down a shot of...........tequila.  In fact in that instant, my brain was telling me exactly that.  I was drinking tequila.  Ignoring all the chemical and organic proof that I was actually drinking coffee, I was so mentally convinced that what I just drank was tequila that I almost jumped up out of my seat and screamed "LET"S PARTY!!!!!!!!"

Now the only explanation for this that I can think of is that somehow in that moment my brain got confused.  There are very few drinks that trigger similar reactions in my brain and I guess hard liqueurs and strong bitter drinks seem to share the same hot spots in my brain.

My brain belied it's primitive origin for what was just a millisecond but just long enough for my other brain to catch the slip.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

you wanna sex?

The sex of a fetus is determined after the first 6 weeks of it's development in the placenta.  Simply put, according the the most conclusive studies so far performed if the embryo should develop into a male the corresponding steps begin after 6 weeks inside the placenta.  If at this time no steps towards maleness occur, female is the objective sex of the fetus.

So, our sex appears to be a question of timing.

In cattle there have been cases in which twins are born and one of the them is a male and the other is a female and male. (Cherfas, Gribbin - The Redundant Male, pg 51 - 52)  Basically a hermaphrodite calf.  The explanation is simple and it makes me wonder a very interesting thing.  Since maleness is expressed before femaleness, sometimes in the case of twins, the hormones of a male twin invade the placenta of the female twin and cause it to develop male characteristics.  Here is where I think timing plays an interesting factor.  What if there is a direct correlation between the amount of time an X/Y chromosome  is tardy in enacting its sex-defining agents to how drastic the opposing sexual features are shown in the finished body of the organism.

roll with me.  I am a fetus inside a placenta.  I am still in the pre-6-week period before my sex is defined but let's say I am to become a male.  The 6 week period comes and my Y chromosome is supposed to kick in and start making my a male but WHAT!!!  it doesn't.  It just chills from some kind of genetic miscommunication.  Well since genes can't directly communicate to each other there is no way the Mrs. X chromosome would ever know that Mr. Y is derping right?  All it knows is that Y isn't doing it's thing so it views the dormancy as a sign that it should jump in and make the fetus a female.  This isn't too much to imagine right?  But if you remember I am supposed to become a male meaning Mr. Y still has a job to do.  Suddenly Mr Y wakes up.  "WOH!!  Slow down baby!!!  this fetus is a male, step aside as I assess the damage!!!"  Now here is the crucial part.  Depending on how long, the literal amount of time Mrs. X  had with the hormonal manipulation of the fetus before Mr. Y takes control of the helm, the eventual human the fetus develops into could be anywhere from an feminine male to a homosexual male to a hermaphrodite male.

My logic (which is incredibly impudent on this particular subject) says that the lesser amount of time would result in a male true to every physiological sense of the word, but with a personality that is more feminine.  Then as the time expands the psychological effect of the male worsens until he actually becomes a women in a male body with all the penal desires that come with her.  If time prolongs even more Mrs. X might finish her work on the mind and starts to actually change the physical make up of the body by giving it female genitalia etc.

Now here are some problems I immediately see with my theory.

1st - I am assuming Mrs. X starts to work on the genes that develop the mind first, and then the body.   This is incredibly rash.  It is more possible that there is no set path.  The X chromosome goes to work on the genes responsible for sex development in a random fashion which could be a reason for such a diverse array of interpersonal sexual confusion when there is a chronological miscommunication.

2nd - I know that the X chromosome has many other genes that aid in the development of a fetus aside from simply determining it's sex, but the Y chromosome does not.  As far as my knowledge has dug, the Y chromosome only encodes that the fetus be a male, but doesn't effect any other part of it's development except for some stray hairs.  This makes me think that the X chromosome plays a crucial role in the entire sexual development of both male and female, and the Y chromosome only dictates that the X chromosome assure that it's particular fetus develop a penis and not a vagina.  Also the fact that all males have a partner X chromosome to their Y could mean that the after the Y chromosome communicates to the genes at the 6 week period to start making a male he could hand the mic over to the X chromosome for the remainder of sexual development.  I mean, the X chromosome seems to have no other genetic power so this might be it's only option.  This means that the X chromosome has the biggest part of the sexual development of a fetus so of course some mistakes like whether to make a penis or not, how much estrogen/testosterone should be given etc could easily happen because the Y chromosome can't check up on things.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Them laws of correlation sure are a trip.  They make a raped old man smell like a freshly baked baby.

Here is where I am ----  depth of mind > directly correlated with > breadth of comfort.

The reflections of this are found in all facets throughout all time.

In history - periods when people developed their minds the most through art, food, torture etc. were when that people were comfortably well off.

In place - locations where minds are most easily developed and expressed are in those of a higher level of comfort.

In species - Organisms that exude the most highly articulated minds are also those that reside in the most comfort.


In history - renaissance, Industrial age, today.

In place - fact that most countries that revolutionize any median are already well developed.  Japan, Korea = electronics.  America = internet.  Great Britain = science.

In species - how much to does a bee work compared to a human?


I also had a thought about how all our personalities are the same thing, just different shade of color.  We all desire comfort.  Our personalities are all comfort, and they only show their unique colors with how we do 2 things.  1 - what we desire to do that we can only do in a comfortable situation, e.g. read a book.  and 2 - what we desire to do that is in contrast to this comfortable situation. e.g. sleep on the side of a cliff.

And so it seems our entire lives are spent maintaining this comfort, because only in a comfortable state can we we do these 2 things.

could there possibly be a correlation with the actual size of ones homes to the depth of their personality?  So could the majority of shallow people live in small homes?

Friday, August 24, 2012

As a child would

The key to true second by second life enjoyment is also the key to long term despair.  It is a habit that we evolve out of in transition from child to adult.  It is what we try to embrace once again in transition from adult to elder.

The key is to not have goals.  Goals block our ability to embrace the moment with true unadulterated pleasure and curiosity because they force our mind into a one way tunnel where we can't see the joy in things that pass by because they don't seem to have any relation to us.

Simple example, I meet my girlfriend and I have a goal to have sex.  This may not seem to be a goal because of its natural state of necessity, but it is.  I see her and all I think of is how to get closer to my goal of sex.  Every touch of her hair, and sniff of her skin is made not to simply experience those sensations, they are to bring us closer physically.  It doesn't matter what is happening around me, if it doesn't explicitly show how I can get closer to my goal it will be ignored.
I use sex as an example to illustrate how this practice of goal making is so successful that it has been ingrained into our psychological makeup.  We differ from other animals simply with the ability to set and complete subjective goals.  This ability could very well be the reason we have progressed economically and socially as organically cohesive beings .  It could be the reason our brains have evolved into such a form unique from our animal counterparts.  But also this could be the reason we no longer smell the roses.

If you have a goal in your head (which we do 100% of the time) it makes it very difficult to enjoy anything that might not be apart of that goal.  This can be seen in the most unsuspecting of times.  Even while watching a movie, we set and follow goals constantly.  Goals, for example, of trying to understand the movie, see where the story is going, etc.  In doing this, lots of things go past our eyes and minds because they simply don't fit into where we think our goal is trying to take us.  A passive expression.  A goofball in the background.  Lots of artistic nuances, lots of little touches that don't play a crucial role in our goal's eye go overlooked.

It seems the majority of our daily distress and hardship comes from events that we consider in contrast to our goals.  Even listening to someone talk can be a chore if we can't seem to understand the purpose of the conversation.  Relationships, in all their forms, only seem to be successful if the partners have the same goals.  Even this article is chore to write because I still don't have a concrete goal for it.  This habit of goal making is so important to us as humans that we spend our childhood learning how to do this and aren't considered grown up until we do it well.

But every day there are things happening around us constantly that are beautiful and mind mesmerizing, and that go completely unnoticed because our face is stuck in a box.  Why are children so easily entertained?  Because they don't care about being entertained.  They just take whatever comes their way and see it for what it naturally is.  Not for what our tunnel-visioned goal-burdened eye wants to see.  We need to have goals to make progress in our daily lives, but we can't let them control how we see our daily lives.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

why not death?

The only thing we can do as a creature of this Earth is what we want to do.  Our desires back every single action we do  (The explanation for this can be found here)  Therefore our only purpose as a human is to do what you want.

With this as our defition of what is to be Human, there is NEVER a time in our life we should NOT die.  It is OKAY to die at anytime in our life because at every moment in our life we are fulfilling our purpose.  So if we were to die at any given moment, we will have died in a state of complete life fulfillment.

So why do we fight for life with such vigor?  Why are humans such Champions at not giving up?

Well various reasons.

I could go the bitter route and say it is because we are mentally manipulated by our culture to believe we have a high purpose, like curing something, or eating the biggest hamburger ever made, or HAHAHAAHA!!!! finding love, and until we have fulfilled that purpose we must not give up the ghost.

But I think the common route is usually the truest.  Most of the time in our communalatative lives as humans, death is just an option being weighed on the scale of everything else in our life.  And death when compared to marraige, or having children, or getting high is just not as attractive.  Simply because we don't know what death tastes like, while we know what a kiss does.  Familiarity is naturally more attractive than obsurity.  Of course it is, if it wasn't there would only be a cafe latte, not machiatto/cappuccino/mocha chinchilanga.  Humans probably would have gone extinct a long time ago if we were only satisfied with the unknown.  So selection deemed it successful for us to choose the common over the uncommon.

So you could say humans are fighters, or you could just say humans stubbornly desire comfort.

This all just looks so funny in the light shown from my first few sentences.

Since there is NO reason for a human to NOT die (according to my definition), It is OK to die at anytime.  Yet what keeps us alive?  The possibility of a beer on your front porch.  A hike in a mountain.  A bug in your mouth.  A conversation with your Mum.  and the list goes on.


Science is just another religion, but amongst the mainstream it is doing the best job at it.  I shall not only make this claim, but also back it up.

The word Religion comes from the Latin word "reli" which means "please place your lips around my anal cavity and suck" and the greek word "gion" which means "if you are not full, do it again".......Using etymology to back up your shit reeeeeeeally bugs me.  If you make a claim, don't hide behind meanings that were established by cultures that are currently dead or having more sex than a horny bunny mounted by a lion.  State your claim and use your own shit to back it up.  How do you use your own shit?  Well you eat some food.....wait about 4 hours, and replace the toilet with your hand.  HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Religion, as I claim to define it, is when things congregate to understand and improve their mortal condition.  Now the definition of improve here will always be up for debate, so I will define it as however you want to understand it.  Regardless to how you define it, science is doing it better than mainstream religion and here is one way how.

In the bible of science,  in the book of "The Origin of Species", on page 122 of the chapter "organization tends to advance", in the top of verse 6, the God of this particular sect of science, Charles Darwin, chastises one of his disciples, Herbert Spencer.  Disciple Spencer says in a claim to knowledge regarding the answerless question of how differentiation of physiological labor could have arisen from such simple organic beings "that  homologous units of any order become differentiated in proportion as their relations to incident forces become different" .  Our Lord and Savior Darwin rebuttals with "but as we have no facts to guide us, speculation on the subject [how differentiation of physiological labor arose]is almost useless".  Then in the very next sentence the Almighty Darwin makes a huge contradictory claim. "It is, however, an error to suppose [speculate] that there would be no struggle for existence , and, consequently, no natural selection, until many forms had been produced"  The Holy Saint of the Grail of Genes makes a speculation using his own theory right after he shuns his disciple Spencer for making speculations. This could be omitted, or even ignored if our Christ Darwin in all his glory didn't make this utterance at the end of the same paragraph, "no one ought to feel surprise at much remaining as yet unexplained on the origin of species, if we make due allowance for our profound ignorance on the mutual relations of the inhabitants of the world at the present time, and still more so during past ages".

Isn't that why we speculate?  because we don't know, but want to know.  We have a limited amount of knowledge about something and desire to know more, so we speculate about a possible answer, test it and see if the result survives the barrage of scrutiny that will undoubtedly come.  Weren't all laws and ideas we consider facts today at one point some person's speculation?  Newton's first law of physics was at one point just speculation, then after much testing and doubting; possibly some temporary abandonment, and of course centuries of effective implementation, we have agreed that it is no longer a speculation but a law.

Our All-knowing, Omniscient Darwin has just told us to NOT bother with speculation, except if it is with an idea he created.  That seems kinda haughty and self-righteous. That seems very God-like indeed.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I think this will be something i will take to my grave.......tomorrow.  I can't imagine a world where this idea is understood and accepted for all the logic that it clearly demonstrates.

The title I will leave for the emotionally retarded to interpret because I firmly believe any form of emotional output is by nature retarded.  Emotions are continuously in a retarded state of progression and therefore anything born from them is as such retarded..

It would be sooooooo stupid for anyone to judge another persons actions based on those of someone else.  No one would arrest me for a crime my ancestor of 200 hundred years go commited.  Yet every fuckin time we place our emotions onto things we or someone does we are doing just that.  And we can't help it.  We can't do anything but this.  This is how we define our humanity......even our individuality.   therefore I deem our emotional selves as retarded.  We are slow.  We still don't get it.

When we were fetuses we had no feelings.  We had our natural disposition, our subconscious, that was allotted to us genetically upon conception from our parents.  Not until our senses matured to a state capable of interacting with the outside world was this subconscious able to communicate with our conscious whats going on.  These communications are what eventually form into what we call our feelings. But these communications are always one way, and require an external experience with which our senses can interact.  This means our feelings are products of our subconscious sitting there waiting for shit to happen in the world that will allow it to communicate to our conscious what its about.  That is sloooooooooooooooow.  That's why our feelings are always changing throughout our entire life because it takes forever for life to provide enough experiences for our subconscious to use to communicate to us whats up.

To state it plainly, the feelings you express today are ancient relics of communication your subconscious made with your conscious from experiences your had with the world since you began to feel, see, hear, taste and touch.

There was, in no one's life, a moment where they just discovered something new.  This is because, as I stated above, we have been who we are since our parent's sex cells formed us.  Then once our 5 senses matured enough, we started the process of life and communication from subconscious to conscious commenced.  To believe otherwise would mean you could have the feeling of "like" for something, say coffee, without having first smelled, tasted, seen, heard and/or touched it.  To believe such an experience is possible is ridiculous.  To fantasize and entertain such experiences as possible is just another feeling that was developed by the process stated above.

We are each a canvas already painted by someone else's sperm and egg, that is trying to expose itself to the world by the slow process of life.  We are NOT an empty white canvas that is being painted by the slow process of life.

With this logic it can be understood that every emotional reaction we have in life is simply ourselves remembering past experiences in which our subconscious communicated to us the current emotion we are feeling.  This means that when you see someone kill another person and you feel bad, you are not actually feeling bad about that experience, because that experience is new and as such completely detached from you, you are recalling all the past experiences that are even the most distantly related to what you are experiencing now and are placing the reactions you had THEN with the NOW.  In other words, you are judging the NOW with your PAST.  So say for example in your PAST someone killed you mother; The feeling communicated then could be in many forms: hatred, despair, depression, or whatever of the millions of words we have invented to describes our feelings in all their complex forms.  SO when you experience anything similar to this particular past event, you simply regurgitate all your past events and place them judgmentally onto the present one, regardless to the actual situation at hand.  The person committing the killing could be doing it in self defense after being raped or beaten.  

Now, we have evolved a bit from this blatantly ignorant place of judgment.  We assess situations better than before, we listen and try to understand things before we place judgement.  We have developed entire systems with the single end of assuring that facts were presented and decisions were made with the least amount of emotional sway as possible.  But it seems all this evolving have happened on a social level, NOT personal.  As individuals we still hold onto our emotional prejudices.  So much that we even call them our individuality; our PERSONality.  We approach our girlfriends who want to look at our phones with the feeling anger not because the act of looking at a phone in itself is worthy to cause anger, but because we have had many similar experiences in the past and we reacted the same way.  And the girlfriend asking to see her boyfriend's phone is not because he is intrinsically disloyal but because she also had many similar experiences in her past and this is how she reacted to them.

Now why is the understanding of this important?  Let me restate the beginning.  Why would we undoubtedly say that blaming someone for the actions of there ancestors is stupid yet blame our current boyfriends or girlfriends for actions of past boyfriends/girlfriends.  

There are many things to be considered here before any of what I said can hold any water.  usually girlfriends who want to look at boyfriend's phones do so because they see their boyfriend do things similar to what their past boyfriends did; Boyfriends who ACTUALLY did cheat.  But also it is possible that a boyfriend getting angry for a girlfriend looking at his phone is not because he has anything to hide but because he also has had many girlfriends in the past who did the same and he dislikes invasions of privacy.  The point is that ANY situation is possible BECAUSE NO ONE IS THE SAME!!!!  The results are as diverse as the subjects participating, and since every single subject is unique, EVERY result has the potential to be equally so.  SO it makes NO sense to keep judging every experience in life with your old-ass feelings, IF you truly comprehend this logic.

If you always see your past in the present you will never have a future.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Fate: debunked

If you can imagine a stick, you can understand fate.

But more of that later.

Think of a washing machine.  How does the water get in there?  How do the clothes get clean?  Where does the soap go?  These are all complicated questions that no one can answer.  But if you take the machine apart, break it down to its bare naked basics, and then try put it back to together, you will have a better idea of how it works.

Using chracteristics common among the populus, we can do the same thing with words that tend to have the same mysterious ambiguity as a washing machine.  Thing is, this process helps us understand them better, which in turn strips them of their mystical powers which is why I think a general dislike of doing this has naturally spread memetically throughout the populus.  There seems to be a comfort people have with willingly being ignorant about certain things and hiding it with fun little words like mysterious, secret, and purple.   Not knowing is more romantic.  I fully agree.  Which is why I have a girlfriend.

Now let's take the word Fate and strip it of its wings.

First we must point out the commonality that tags along every fateful experience throughout our organic world.  I venture to say that before most fateful experiences, there is a general state of confusion. (although I believe there could be other emotions, I choose confusion because it applys to me the best)  But I think the preceding degree of confusion is what determines the classification "fateful" of the event that follows.

This is where the stick comes in.

Picture a stick, perfectly horizontal (parallel to your life). 

This stick represents our life.  In its horizontal state, it means our life is fine.  There is a balance with everything going on.  Therefore all events happening to us in that state are considered normal, desired, or expected.  There are few surprises, and the ones that do happen do not shake us in a "fateful" way.  There is a reason for this which I will explain later.

Then sometimes our life becomes unbalanced.  The reason could be of many.  You become frustrated with meeting the right guy.  Your confusion increases more and more with every new incapable guy you meet.  At some point your frustration starts consuming more of the natural emotional balance in your life.  Eating away until it's bloated weight causes your nice balanced life to tip over.

This could be translated as the stick below.

Balance has been lost due to your frustration's obesity.  Once balance is lost our natural reaction is to always regain it.  That's why cats always land on their feet, and we swing our arms.  We search for, reach for, scrape for some way to get the balance back.  We go to doctors, talk to friends, believe in a God, believe in ourselves.....believe......that the balance will come back.  We believe because it does.  Balance always comes back.  Something happens in our life that shows us the way to restore balance.  These events happen all the time, but only when our balance is off by such a degree that when our life swings back into place we feel the momentum of the swing do we call the event or series of events that triggered it "fateful".  So with a life similar to the stick pictured above, any balance restoring event will not be considered 'fateful' because the original degree of unbalance is not severe enough to allow for any movement to be felt.  To illustrate:  you are confused about what to wear for a date.  You like the guy but don't know how much, You wanna be comfortable, but also want to express that it is a special occasion.  You decide to wear skinny fit pants because they exude some level of sexy but also allow you to dance freely without showing off your muffin.  Just a normal event in a normal day.  You were confused a little bit with what kind of clothes to wear in conjunction with how you feel towards a guy and you decided on pants.  You continue on with your life without a second thought about what just transpired  Nothing fateful here.

but if the original amount of emotion is heavy enough you might have a life like the stick below.  The restoration of balance from this position will surely be felt.  Events of this magnitude are usually considered "fateful".

This can be illustrated by a continuation of our previous example.  You finally meet up with your date.  You are immediately impressed by his style.  His swoopy emo-hairstyle and depressing combination of colors are just what you like.  As the night goes on, with every conversation you discover something new you both have in common.  You both tried to commit suicide the same way.  You both hate your step-father but can't help but love your mom who you think is pathetic.  You both have fantasied about dissecting a puppy.  By the end of the night you are madly in love.  

You consider these events fateful because before you had met this man, you had set unbalance on your life by over-inflating your desire to meet the right guy with constant dreams of what kind of guy would make you happy and constant talks with you friends about all the guys in your life you currently hate/like.  Once you meet this guy, the connections you make with him causes a full life swing back into balance with such force that the only way to describe it is with the word 'fate'.

'Fate" is simply a word we use to describe something that restores balance to a life whose degree of unbalance was great enough that upon restoration, caused the momentum to be emotionally felt.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What we are REALLY saying...

The concept of choice as a representation of freedom is an illusion.  To prove this all I need to do is ask you to choose to be  Its impossible.  Hunger is controlled by something primeval.  something that existed before you did, therefore you have no control over it.  Because if you did, with your limited abilities, you would muddle up the timing, the amount of food for satisfaction, etc.  you would kill yourself from simply not knowing how to control hunger, therefore you can not control it, and as such you can not choose to have it or not.  when you eat because of hunger, you are simply REACTING to it.  So as far as hunger is concerned, you never choose to eat, you only react to hunger telling you to. 

This logic can be applied to ANY desire we have as humans, and it just so happens that desires are the only thing we have.

everything we do is simply a reaction to a desire.  and like hunger, these desires existed long before we were.  as we live our lives and react to our environment, we simple discover them.  to prove this all I need to do is ask you to like something you don't like  Ok I will be fair, You can dislike something you like, but you have to do  Were you able to?  No of course not.  this means, like hunger or sleep, all our desires, even our most personal ones that we hold closest to our hearts, that we use to define who we are, that we use to express to people our uniqueness.....they all existed before we were and are controlled but something besides us. (please understand I use the word "us" so lightly, I mean who the hell are "us" anyway?)

You never chose to like blueberries.  You never decided rap music wasn't for you.  You only reacted to a desire that expressed itself when you happened to eat a blueberry, or listen to rap music.  And this desire isn't simply "I like rap music", these desires are not quantifiable in any way.  they are the meat and bone, the sweat and blood, the air and earth, they are everything, and it so happens that within your little puny organic structure, the slow beat, the deep bass, the hard voice of rap music satisfies one of them.  Or it doesn't.

Whatever the result, you didn't choose it.

so how does this relate to communication?

simple.  Since every choice we make is in actuality only a reaction to a desire, when you say something to someone, and they say "i understand" unless what you said is satisfactory to one of their desires, and that desire caused them to react with the words "I understand"  they do not understand what you MEAN, they only understand the words you spoke.

by speaking to someone you could say you are giving someone an opportunity to choose to understand what you say or not, but since there is no choice, only reactions to our desires, the only way someone will understand what you say is if what you say satisfies one of their desires and causes them to react with the words "i understand".  any other time the words "i understand" are being spoken they are empty, because the words you spoke are not satisfactory. 

Even when you speak words that are satisfactory to someone's desires, and the desire causes the person to say "i understand",  the desire within you that caused you to speak could be different from that person's desire that caused them to say "I understand" and there just happened to be enough in what you said that satisfied them.  therefore, because of this discrepancy, there is never a time where you can safely say that someone understands you perfectly.

The only way this discrepancy could be weaken is by SEEING actions, over an indeterminate period of time, that satisfy the desire that caused you to speak, from the person who confesses to understand.

Because of all these discrepancies: the intricate differences between desires that make up each individual, AND the ignorant way in which we use language, It is near impossible to ever be certain anyone understands you at any point in your life.  Good luck.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Your boyfriend is a foreigner

And your girlfriend.
And your friend.
And your mother.
And yourself.

If I ever write a book, it will carry the same title as this article.  I feel this title embodies (whatever the hell that weird word means) every single idea, theory, and muse my brain has created.

If there were words that follow the title, you know, a catch phrase that gives a glimpse into what the book holds, maybe they would read like: "The illusion of words"  This I am still working on.

But what do I mean by "your boyfriend is a foreigner"?

Imagine this situation.

There is a guy from England.  He speaks perfect Korean.  He has a Korean girlfriend.

They are dating because they connected through music.  They met at a concert and both saw each other dancing to the same song and after much conversation, many more similar interests were revealed. 

It is a healthy relationship, they talk, they play, they fuck, they fight.

But they fight over things other couples don't.  The girl gets frustrated because he doesnt understand her on her cultural level.  Even though he speaks Korean perfectly, there is still a culture gap.  On his side too.  She doesnt understand his English culture.  So although there is perfect verbal communication going on between them, a lot of what they MEAN gets lost in cultural ignorance.  In order for them to have a successful relationship, this gap has to be given the correct respect and understanding.

This is understandable.  It would be very detrimental to your well being as a tourist to go to a foerign country and get mad at people for not understanding you.  Regardless to their preficiency in your native tongue.  When culture is involved, there seems to be a huge girth of forgiveness with meaning comprehension.

So then why do men and women in general not seem to understand each other?  Why is there a huge business built around this expert sharing his idea or this show expressing its idea about the man woman gap.  Even if you are paired up with someone who not only speaks your language natively but also grew up in your community and therefore shares your culture as intimately as you, there is still miscommunication with each others intended meanings.

Why is that?

It appears culture (as we understand it) and language (as we understand it) are not as important as they are made out to be with communication.

If that is so, what is really happening when miscommunication happens between a couple?

How can I understand perfectly what you are saying, but have no idea what you mean?

The reason I feel this could be the title of a book if there ever were one is because I feel all the ideas I have expounded upon in the blog can be related somehow to the hypothesis that would become the answer to the above questions.

I will save you and me the time of writing and then reading a book and will now shortcut to the answer.

Just like a group of "koreans" make up Korean culture, a group of whatever you feel a human is, makes up each person's individual culture.  So although you speak the same language as your lover just like our proverbial couple above did, by just being yourself, you automatically have a different culture from evey single person you will ever meet, and just like the English boyfriend didn't understand his Korean girlfriend's culture because he wasn't raised Korean, your boyfriend/friend/mother don't understand your culture because they weren't raised you.  Your boyfriend truly is a foreigner.

Every couple should have the same girth of forgiveness for each other as do natives of a certain country with foreigners.  This girth will become thinner and thinner as time passes because it will become expected from each other to understand just from the sheer amount of time spent together.  the sheer amount of experience shared.

This all seems logical.  by now, no one reading this has yet donked their head in utter disbelief with anything I have said.  But no one in the world can say "no" to "have you ever gotten frustrated with someone for not understanding you?"  That is the duality I can write a book about.  How obvious we don't understand.  How close our hands are over our eyes yet we ask who turned the lights out.  How we are standing over a freshly baked apple pie and yet we ask what smells so good.  How we feel the fart seep out our asses yet we question our neighbor about the foul smell.

When you meet someone, and you say "I like movies"  the actual meaning expressed to the recipient with those words is equal to a dogs bark.  Every single person you talk to has no idea what you mean with anything you say.  All they understand is what you say.  With time and patience people can learn and hopefully understand the meaning your culture attaches to the words that come out of your mouth, but as far as that meaning is concerned, every person you meet is a foreigner.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Culture, like every other word that rolls of the human tongue, is so culturally loaded it is almost pointless to attach any emotion to it, unless that emotion is born from your own individual perspective, but since words can be changed and given meaning at will by the person who speaks them, I can say perspective is another way of saying the culture of one thing. but since culture is just another word, and words are just culturally loaded nothings, then the individual culture of the word culture is loaded with culture.

Monday, June 4, 2012

? = DING!

Try to imagine the world before the concepts of natural selection were accepted as a possibility.
It is hard because even if you don't accept its concepts as a possible truth, you see it everywhere.

Its reach has extended to nearly every corner of this world.  From science to entertainment.

Movies have borrowed its concepts, culture has used it to fuel many debates.

It is so intertwined with our everyday lives it feels like it was never NOT around.

but there was a time in the not too distant past when its concepts were just a bunch of random papers written by random people floating around the world without any interlinking connection comprehensible to the human mind......Until someone asked a question.

Now this is all my speculation (which I think is the most effective tool we have as self-conscious entities in our endeavors for improvement) but Natural Selection could have been born from the simple question of "why do domestic animals have characteristics so drastically different (monstrosities) from their wild counterparts?"

Lets not stumble over particulars here. The actual question is not key here, only the Act of questioning.

And here is why:

Asking a question and the interconnecting brainpower that ensues afterwards in pursuit of the answer can effect amazing things. 

Question - why do domestic animals have characteristics so drastically different from their wild counterparts?

Answer - The hand of man selected characteristics that benefited him in his environment, and bred further animals in that direction. 

Intermediary Inter-connective realization(which leads to the next question) - Man selection of the animal kingdom has been going on since the most primitive of men existed and it has always been based only on the immediate benefit of man in his current economical situation, so it doesn't seem plausible that Man knew then anymore than they do now that from their methodical trails of selecting characteristics based on purely superficial results that our current domestic animal monstrosities would result from their much more simple "truer form" ancestors.

Question - If man had no forsight, no way of knowing how their selected animals would eventually end up looking, Why did the animals end up looking that way?

Answer - there might be something going on inside each animal, beyond the visual eye and comprehensible brain of man, that facilitated and built upon each selection man made of them.

Question - If man was the executive deciding force behind what gets selected and deselected during the eventual physical mutation of wild animal to domestic,  What is the force behind the change that is happening on the level man was not aware of?

Answer - Well if it isn't man, or the animals themselves, all that is left is nature.

Another IIR - By taking what I know about the Law of Correlation which I learned from another paper and combining it with this new concept of Chaos Theory that seems to be gaining popularity, I think there might be an underlying connection with what we already know about the criteria used my Man when he selects the best breed from his stock and how Nature might select the best breed from the species.  Differences being Nature has a purpose unique from Man, and also has a different environment wherein to make judgements of what to select.


The point of the above series of questions was not to present a viable hypothesis about how natural selection came about.  It was to illustrate that by the simple process of asking a question, thinking and studying about it, our brains can take all the data we know and come out with a logical answer.  Whether that answer stands the scrutiny of everyone who hears it is another topic all together.  I am stating that the spark to an answer's flame that could potentially burn a new path into history is simply.....questioning.

Fold your flag up, its not real.

It is amazing how a little vocal go around can really clear things up in your head.

I had this idea about how freedom, choice etc. are all human constructs and hold no place in Nature.  But I had no idea how to take all the random pieces of string in my head and tie them together to form an easy to follow idea...until I tried to explain my idea to someone.  Just by getting the words out with my mouth, I quickly figured out where their rightful place was.

This is the result of my efforts.

As long as we have "likes", "desires" in our lives, we will never be free.  And since desires are the instigators of all our actions, freedom and choice are in fact false ideas we created for reasons I shall try to examine later.

Lets dig deeper into this logic with some examples:

You have never decided to be hungry.  There was never a moment you were not hungry and then with the flick of your finger start hunger.  It is a desire at the whim of our body that is ushered in by habits formed over countless years of evolution.  You have no control over it.  Hunger controls you.  You are never free from its grasp.  If you ever eat because you are hungry, you are not CHOOSING to eat, you are just acting on the urge imposed from your desire to eat.

I like blueberries.  I never chose to LIKE them.  I just ate one and REALIZED I like them.  I then discovered the depth of this "like" more and more as I continued to eat them.  But there was never a moment I didn't like blueberries and then decide I liked them.  This means my liking of blueberries existed for a time unknown to me, and I just came to understand it when I ate them.  So now, every time I eat a blueberry, I am not CHOOSING to eat one, I am just letting this newly discovered desire manipulate me.

This goes for every desire we have, good or bad.

Since we never chose what our desires were and just realized them over the course of our lives, every action we take that can be connected to a desire is just an action born from the desire and therefore takes on all the characteristics of that desire, including not being a choice.

I am certain some people out there, upon hearing this, will instantly want to prove nature wrong and claim control over their lives.  The easiest way to do this I presume would be by doing exactly what you don't like to do.  Go against your desire.  That way your action cannot be connected to your natural desires and it breaks free from the "No choice" progeny.  But alas this is futile because the action of going against what you desire, regardless of how Buddhist it may sound, is in fact a desire.  You desire to have no desires so you do things against what you naturally desire.

I would venture to say that as a living organism, it is impossible to act without desire.  Desire is the stimulus to everything we do.  Desire is a requisite for life on this earth.  Therefore everything we do is connected to some desire, regardless to whether we are conscious of it or not, and therefore  it takes on all the characteristics of a desire.

In summary, because we did not choose to have our desires, we don't choose to carry them out.  we just react to their force.  Therefore we have never been, and will never be free in respect of able to make choices.

The concept of freedom of choice is not real.  I suspect we created ideas of choice and words like "choose", "decide" etc. to capsulize these ideas to somehow cope with our newly discovered conscious minds.  But in reality, us "choosing" to eat chocolate ice cream over strawberry because we like it more, is no different from a lion "choosing" to attack a zebra over of deer because it is slower.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

to be king or not to be king...

I learned something today that will save me a lot of personal struggle if I ever find myself in a throne as a king with a kingdom to rule.

I have deduced that it matters not whether I rule with fear or love. The diversity of all the people I rule over will assure that the outcome will be the same.

If I rule with fear, the majority of people will obey because they are afraid. But there will be enough people who cannot be manipulated by fear and over time they will either start a revolution against me, or stab me in the back, depending on their position.

If I rule with love, the majority of people will obey because they also love. But again there will be enough people whose heart is too hard for love and over time they will either convince enough people to revolt against me because I wouldn't see it coming, or stab me in the back, depending on their position.

So If I ever find myself a king, I have two choices, and it matters not how I perform them, only that I choose one. I can either 1 - give my throne up and run away hoping no one follows and kills me, which will surely happen, or 2 - be whatever kind of king i feel like being and have as much fun as i can before I am killed, which will surely happen.

You see I must choose one and stick with it, because the only mistake you can make as a king is to sit on a fence.  If I stumble around with my choices, the majority of the people will neither be afraid of me, or love me and therefore they will revolt against me because I am not fit to be a king.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Punctually expected

Consistent punctuality is something that is evident in only certain personalities.  So why is it an expectation of all people?  Why is being a-punctual a bad thing?  If one kind of trait is expected of all people, than it is also expected that everyone has the personality that places value on that trait.

That is just ridiculous.

No one would ever expect everyone to be the same, so why do we place these loaded expectations on certain traits?  If you value punctuality, it MIGHT mean you have a methodical, robotically efficient personality hence you value traits that express similar efficiency.  But to place that expectation on other people whom you by default would never presume have your personality is just.........ignorant (in the way you don't smile with child-like adoration, but grimace with adult frustration and immature hatred)

With this logic, it seems the only way to be just and fair to everyone is to expect nothing.  To expect anything.  To expect everything.  This is fine for say the first-second-maybe third time you meet someone,during that awkward getting to know each other phase, but if you live any relationship with an open world, streaming girth of expectationless acceptance, you fall into the same contradiction introduced in the beginning.  Because by expecting nothing, you are by default expecting anything, and that means that person has to be everything to fulfill your expectation.

So like a F1 race car, we come back to where we started.  The only way to manage a relationship is to expect from people what you will.  And if they don't fulfill, gather your balls up, and move into another playpen without any expectation that you will meet someone who fulfills your expectations.

How I teach

I walk in.  20 eyes stare at me.  I do nothing.  They begin to get anxious.  Still nothing.  Then they get restless.  Nothing.  The eyes start to do something.  Looking around, looking away, closing, refusing to open, THEN!!!!  I smile.  The eyes stop and return to me.  I look at one pair and say in a hearty voice from Santa's belly, "I am Happy", those eyes look away but this time they are accompanied with a smile.  I notice 9 other smiles have joined company.  I take my hand and wipe my smile off my face and make a fist.  I now have my smile in my hand - not on my face.  I do not say this figuratively in any extent of the word.  I HAVE my smile in my hand.  I point to my fist and raise it with a bellow before battle, "I HAVE A SMILE IN MY HAND!!!!".  My kids look around with a mouth that understands but eyes that don't.  I then meet each pair of eyes with mine as if scanning for something I need.  I see it.  And I throw my smile at the face below those eyes.  Those eyes are now partnered with my smile, and the game continues.

Why I don't watch movies.

I don't read fiction.  And I just figured out why.  I don't like movies.  There is no reason to try.  My life is already full of poetry and bliss.  Just talk to a friend, or give your mirror a kiss.  Why would I spend a hour reading some beautiful prose about how in Korea they separate trash in neat little rows.  When I could spend that same hour discovering something new about why I am me and you are you.

studying VS. knowing

You realize you want to be a foot doctor.
This means you have to learn to be one.

This means you have to undergo a long series of processes, all of which lead to becoming a foot doctor, and all of which are divided into 2 sections.

Imagine each process as an ice-cream cone that you eat backwards, cone first.

The cone part is studying the particular information which upon completion will allow you to eat the ice-cream part, knowing.

Once you accumulate all the needed knowledge, you will have learned to be a foot doctor.

Lets paint the picture even brighter.

One of the processes of becoming a foot doctor is understanding the anatomical structure of the body, particularly that of the foot .  Let's now divide this process into our backwards ice-cream cone.  First you must munch through the cone and study information about the body that satisfies the requirements of your target knowledge, and once that occurs you can enjoy the ice cream or;  know the target knowledge.

As long as the target knowledge is something you desire, the process of munching through the tasteless cone shouldn't be a problem.

This is where most popular forms of education break down.  Education has decided that the ice cream part is no longer important.  All student needs for success is a bunch of tasteless cones, so it pummels students with books and graphs and vocabulary until the brain thinks it is Muhammad Ali.  The whole time the student is hating every second of their "learning" experience because he has nothing to look forward to.  He thinks no ice cream is waiting for him .

Then there is the other extreme, giving a student a target knowledge and just letting them run free without any form of guidance or direction.

This is equivalent to plopping a huge scoop of yummy ice-cream (coneless) on a students face and expecting them to consume it without getting a drop on their collar (while their hands are tied behind their back).  They will enjoy the ice-cream because they like it, but they will make a huge mess trying to consume it, and they won't even be able to effectively consume it all.  lots of it will get on the floor and their clothes.

A long lost balance is needed.  We all love ice cream, but it is very difficult to enjoy completely without a cone.  We all love knowing new things, but we need the cone of study to keep all our efforts focused.  But when the emphasis of learning starts leaning towards the studying part more than the joy of knowing part, we walk away with a bitter taste.  too much bitter makes us believe there is no sweet.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I'm playing a game called SWTOR.  It is a MMO.  It is my first MMO.  Of course being something new of the which I knew nothing about, I started out wiping like a window cleaner.  But after practice, practice, and of course practice, I fine tuned my DPS, I learned to steer my AOE from any CC, I balanced my heals with energy output, learned to maneuver my toon between mobs without pulling any aggro, and figured out what to need and what to greed.  I still have a lot to learn and a lot to consume, but I have gotten on my feet.

I can't claim all this progress as my own.  Many hands helped me open many doors.  But what tickles my curiosity is not the how I learned, or the with whom, or the why, or the what.  I don't care about any of that because that is all useful for just me.  I care about the one thing that every single living thing shares in our many learning endeavors.  I care about Where.

I didn't go to a classroom and listen to a teacher explain what LFG means, or how to tank.  No single person taught me anything about where or how to spec.  I didn't learn from listening.  I learned from living.  Where?  In the MMO world you doofus!!!!  I made my world the MMO world.  I learned to understand the tech differences between a Sorcerer CC and an IA CC not by reading about it, but by, in the heat of battle, experience the failure of not knowing, thinking about it, talking about it, and figuring out what the possible answer could be, testing it, examining the result, and then learning.   You tell me which way is more effective, but more importantly more enjoyable. 

So why do we all hoard into universities, and listen to pompous pickle heads talk about how they think the we should learn what we like?  Why do Language academies flourish like the salmon of Capistrano when all they do is drill contextualness grammar into children's head with a jackhammer?

I can think of an answer for each of those questions, so don't post comments like "well we need a degree from a university to prove to a company we are worth hiring"  or "well our children need to practice English so they can pass the entrance exams and get into good high schools and colleges", because if you do, I will just ask "Well why do we need a degree in the first place?  Why is there a test in the first place?  And if you answer to those questions is anything besides "business", you should go back to school.

Business has taken the goal, the JOY, of learning, and packaged it into a pretty box with a price tag that reads something like "your parents entire marriage (or at least the fun part of it)" or "Your entire early adult life"      (depending on what culture you belong to.)

 As long as babies can become fluent in a language before they ever step foot into a classroom, there will never be a reason we should.

You see, i wouldn't be so heated about this subject if that victims of it chose to be victims (guess that why they are victims).  The victims of this learning holocaust are young kids who are forced to go to school because their government tells their parents they should, or teenagers who are forced to go to language academies because their culture tells their parents they should, or young adults who are forced to go to a university because their family tells them they should.  The victims are all people who grow up with a distaste, salty hatred for learning before they even understand what learning is.  they equate studying with a whip, and reading with a dark looming shadow.

If they came out of this vacuum sealed pressurized pouch of pain with an practical idea of how this world worked and a substantial amount of experience to sustain their first few steps into the real life, then I would have no complaints.  Suffer a little to learn a lot.  nothing wrong with that.  BUT THEY DON'T!!!!  It is ridiculous.  the average human learns absolutely nothing from every second spent in a classroom that they can actually apply in the world.  Why?  BECAUSE A CLASSROOM ISN'T THE GODDAMN WORLD!!!!!!  yet we make our entire education system out as if it was.  I can tell you all day that touching a hot stove will burn you, but you will never learn until you feel its heat, and experience its pain.

The idea of a school had to have been born from good intentions.  Why would I let my loved ones suffer through the same things I did when I can share with them my knowledge and maybe help them bypass some pain.  that is beautiful, if that is how it was today then i would have nothing to say.  but it isn't.  today is full of people who want the world to recognize their knowledge so they make kids buy their books and prove to them they understand with tests.  HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT TEACH PEOPLE ABOUT THE WORLD!!!!!

My logic says, if you want to learn how to survive in this world, you have to learn IN this world.

The thing that pisses me off the most is that all I am saying would be whole-heartedly agreed with by the very people who teach in these universities.

Friday, May 11, 2012

curiosity pattern

Patterns are my cheesecake when I shouldn't have any.  I love looking for them, and when I find one, I love dissecting it on my brain table to see what is inside.  Its like playing an adventure game.  They are everywhere, you just have to think enough and bring the seemingly random pieces together to see their underlying pattern.   underlying is the key word here.  lying under everything you see is a pattern.  A pattern that transcends all physical differences you see with your eyes, all logical differences you see with your brain, and all emotional differences you see with your heart.  A mountain ridge in all its random ridgyness is as related to the hair on my arm as butter is to bread.

I found another pattern, this time in relation to my life long question of how to teach people to love learning.

here it is:

A child is curious because it wants answers to everything it doesn't know which is everything.

A teenager is not as curious because it knows all the answers to what it didn't know as a child and it thinks it knows everything

An adult is curious because it wants answers to the news things it didn't know as a teenager.

An elderly isn't as curious because learned all it didn't know as an adult and it thinks it knows everything

So the patterns we see here are all correlated with the ages of each generation and the emotional outlook of life.  Children being the babies of the young generation are curious because of a lack of knowledge pertinent to them.  Adults being the babies of the old generation being curious because of a lack of knowledge pertinent to them.  Teenagers being the adults of the young generation having not as much curiosity because they know everything they didn't know as a child.  Elderly being the adult of the old generation having not as much curiosity because they know everything they didn't know as an adult.

If you were to graph out the level of curiosity with the progression of age, there would be a steady up and down roller coaster-like pattern throughout the entire life-cycle of a typical human.  It would start out high as a child with an arsenal of needed knowledge, gradually go down with each discovery of new knowledge, then gradually go up again as new needs of knowledge are discovered and again go down as each new need is satisfied.

There has to be other patterns and theories that can be deduced from this.

anything you can bring to light would be awesome!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Give a man a fish?

"Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach him to fish, he eats for life."

We have all heard this before.

The origins of it are a matter I would love to discuss, the efforts of which would become of such a length that I fear I would lose you all to the purpose of this post.  The purpose of this post is to analyze my recent understandings of the many social implications of the above quote.

The concept behind that little gem of a metaphor is applicable in an innumerable amount of circumstances.

How can you all apply it to your life?

This is how I have applied it to mine. I am a teacher. I spent the first year of my teaching career pulling my hair out. Once I was bald, I sat there staring at this pile of brown that kinda looked like this:
I thought about quitting.  Usually when something causes me to bald from frustration, I would cease putting energy into that thing.  But I decided to keep marching on.  Maybe because I have no where else to march, not quite sure.  But luckily I found my niche in the teaching world.  Little did I know my niche was just a hallway to my true purpose.

I have developed the personality and ability to be a killer kindergarten/young elementary teacher.  I woo my students daily with different personalities, interactive games, actively engaging songs and dances.  I have the child's mind down to a science.  The science part is precisely where I found myself most intrigued.  Why is it so easy for me to teach little kids?  And why did it get more difficult as they got older?  It seems they have just simply lost the desire to learn.  If so, what happened during the development of a child where they lost their desire to learn?

That is the key point.  That is where I stopped enjoying being a teacher for the second time.  I realized I was just helping my kids learn for one day.  I was giving them a piece of candy.  But they didn't know how to get candy themselves.  They needed me to be there. I didn't like that.  I didn't feel satisfied knowing that as soon as my class is over, it was like I wasn't even there.

"Once you learn to enjoy work, it is no longer work"

My dad has been saying that to me my whole life...never has it ringed more true than now.

Culture morphs and mutilates people's minds into focusing all their energy onto what they are learning, and not learning itself.  The likelihood of always learning what we naturally like is so low that it makes so sense to only find happiness in those things.  And since we can't be happy with things we don't like, we need to focus on something different.  It is something that has taken my almost 3 decades to understanding, despite my father's constant reminding.  Let me paint a picture.

I am a builder.  Also in my spare time I enjoy animals.  Building is my job.  Animals are my hobby.  Does this mean I only enjoy building things that house animals?  of course not, my job and my hobby are 2 seperate things, not to be confused with each other.  This doesnt mean I will not find extra joy in building a zoo, or an aquarium.  I enjoy building anything, but I extra enjoy building things that are related to other things I like.

I don't see any difference with the above example and any child in school.  Every child has their hobby, but every child has their job.  It just happens that every child has the same job title: student.  both are important and necessary for happiness, but it seems children only let hobbies give them happiness.  As they grow older something happens to them and they start to look at their job of learning as a student as boring, stupid......forced.  These emotions allowed because they are in no position to worry about the emotional connection they have to fulfilling the requirements of their job because society only expects them to pass the next test, not enjoy passing the next test.

How would similar emotions affect our builder?  If our builder went to work with a horrible attitude every day, and hated building UNLESS he was building something he had an emotional connection to, How long would he keep his job?  He wouldn't have a job to keep.  Of course this doesn't happen because it is likely the builder likes building which is why he chose to become a builder.

Children didn't choose to become students.  Society decided it for them.  That has to be the main reason for the general bitter taste left in every child's mouth when they hear the word "homework".  If they had chosen their current profession as a student, logic would lead us to believe the majority would enjoy learning more.

The same can be said about the relationship with the majority of adults and their jobs.  The amount of Liquor stores littered around every metropolitan are proof.

So adults and children alike generally don't enjoy their jobs.  This is an interesting pattern that I have decided to expound upon in another post.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


OK everyone, do you wanna WIN?!?!  


Are you starving for a victory?!?!


Do you know what to do?!?!?!


...I sensed some doubt in your last "YEA", and I understand why so don't worry.  I have expected this and I have come prepared with a game plan.  But we have one problem.  Our team is powerful, but it is clear that we can't beat the other teams as we are.  They all have an Ace that is just too powerful for us.

I mean look!!!  Last year we went up against team WOLF and what happened?  Do you remember Ear?  Their Ear could hear you coming a mile away.

I hope for your sake Tongue, we never repeat what happened with team SNAKE.  Their Tongue could taste your fear.

Please, please, PLEASE tell me Nose you understand what went wrong when we fought team DOG.  Their Nose sniffed you right out of that hole you were hiding in.

2 years ago we faced team MOLE.  We don't need to recount the embarrassment you felt Skin when you battled it out with theirs.  AND THEY WERE OUT AN EYE!!!  

And Eye!!!  Did you already forget about yesterday?!?!  Team HAWK's Eye could see right through you!!! 

It is evident that we also need an Ace.  Otherwise we will never take the championship.  But what or Who could be our Ace?  He has to be unique enough to be unexpected, to take our competition by surprise,  but conform to our basic characteristics to maintain solidarity.  Who COULD that be?!?!?

We don't have to go about this randomly without some direction.  If we could come to an understanding about what characteristics you all share, then we could see who we have that is more powerful than anyone they have and also shares these characteristics.

Hmmmmm, for starters you all are good at one thing.  Eye, you see great.  Ear, you hear the best.  Skin, you feel all right.  Nose, you smell perfect.  Tongue, you taste unbelievably.  so I guess our Ace must specialize at something

That was easy, but that can't be it right?  there must be more.  OH!!! remember Team MOLE?  Remember how they won even though their Eye was gone.  YEA!!!  Think about it ... last week it was very cold you missed practice Nose, but we performed all right.  We weren't our best, but we functioned correctly as a team.  So I guess another thing is we must be able to function as a team without our Ace.

That makes 2.  I think with one more we might have a strict enough criteria to filter out our Ace.  And it so happens the last one should be the easiest to judge.  Just like team DOG's nose is the best, our Ace must be better then you all at the game.

We see the importance of this when we look at how the other teams play.  All the other players help out their Ace.  They all play around, and focus on supporting the Ace to score.  And the Ace almost always scores.  Sometimes circumstances are that one of the lesser players gets a lucky point or two, but the game winner is always, without fail, the Ace.

So with complete reliance on our Ace, we should expect our team to pick up and take its place in the competition.  Maybe even become #1.

number 1 coach?!?!?!  don't you think that is setting our sights a little high?  don't you think we should shoot for #700, and work up from there?

I do not!!!  and it saddens me that I have to explain to you why.  If you haven't noticed, we are at a special position here.  We are at point in the game where if we play our cards right and find that Ace quick, we won't even have time to see spot #700 we will be flying up so fast.  We might have a day or two to enjoy #3 and 2, but #1 is a guarantee!!!  And not only that, it is a guarantee with an indefinite expiration.  Do you see why?, I can't really see coach, I'm just Tongue.

Percisely!!!  You are Tongue!!!  You only taste.  And you only hear, and you only touch, and you only smell, and YOU see!!!!  All the other teams have their version of you all too.  Just one of them is their Ace.  That makes 4 supporting players and 1 Ace.  5 players.  We have 5 players too, but no Ace.  Do you see where I am going now?

Yea!!! Once we find our Ace, we will have 6 players!!!!

Exactally Nose!! though I don't know how you were able to see that.  Just the fact of having one more player makes us more powerful than any other team, but on top of that, he will be our Ace!!!!  We will be unstoppable!!!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

We just have to find him, and I think it should be easy now that we know who we are looking for.   So......who could he be?  What do we have that the other teams don't?


Wait Skin, I am thinking.  We gotta find our Ace...


I said wait Nose,  don't distract me while I try to find our Ace...


Please tongue!!! The championship is eminent, this is too important!!!

COACH BRAIN!!!!!!!!    WE HAVE YOU!!!!!!!

What are you talking about Ear?

Maybe you are the Ace?

.........HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!  You're kidding right?  HAHAHAHA!!!!   No wonder we have been sucking so bad!!!!!  With that kind of logic, we might as well be playing different game, like religion!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  Maybe I am the Ace!!!!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  HOW could I be the Ace?!?!?  I am Brain!!!! Every other team has one of me because I AM THE COACH!!!  I don't play the game, I just help you play it!!!!!  I don't even conform to all the characteristics we just barely named!!!!!  Sure back in the day I was probably better than you all, and yea I am pretty good at thinking, BUT can you function as a team without me?



ANSWER!!!! CAN YOU?!?!?!

OF COURSE YOU CAN'T!!!!  AND YOU ALL KNOW IT!!!!!  Remember that time I took a trip to Wonderland?  You were all a mess!!!!!  I was gone for only a couple of hours and you all barely survived.  It took me 3 days to bring you all back from your paralytic states.  Tongue, you couldn't stop eating!!!  Eye, you stared at a flower for 5 hours.  5 HOURS!!!!  your thought it was a UFO!!!!  Nose, you kept smelling my hair saying it reminded you of sputum.  Ear, won't let those noises you heard ever be understood again.  Skin, you were the only one I could somewhat understand.  You just loved everything.  I see nothing wrong with that.  If it wasn't for Cre...........THATS IT!!!!! She is OUR ACE!!!!!!!  Where is she?  WHERE IS SHE?!?!  Can you see her Eye?

Yea, she is standing right next to you.  She has been there since I could see.

OH MY!!!!!!!!!  Our Ace has been here next to me the whole time!!!!!

This is it.  Our time has come.  We will take the game by storm.  And all the other teams will be left in the our dust trying to catch up!!!!!...

I think.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Patterns - the beginning.

This is the first post of many on the interesting phenomenon of patterns in nature.  I have discovered a lot of them, but each one is so interesting and merits its own creative context that I have allotted each its own post.

I'm certain the reasons these patterns are important extend beyond the one I choose to illustrate, nevertheless this one is incredibly pertinent to a certain argument I have ensued between me and my mirror, AND any unlucky passerby who is caught in between.

Realizing patterns is a product of the original, purest form of art: making relevant connections between seemingly unrelevat concepts.

more about this form of art has been explained here:

First let me begin with this diagram: