Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I guess I am a philosopher

Please enjoy this conversation I had with one of my coworkers. (names have been changed to protect identity)

Her - "You, why do you do your hair like that?"
Me - "Genetics"
Her - "Genetics?  You are so weird.  Hey other women at the table!!!  I ask this guy why he does his hair this way and he responds with "Genetics"!!!"
(other women were too busy skinning grapefruit to respond)
Me - "Well, how else would I explain why I do things I want to do?"
Her - "Eh!?!  You call that genetics?!?!  Genetics is what you get from your dad and he got his from your grandpa!!!  Does your Dad and grandpa have the same hairstyle?"
Me - "We all know the genome changes from parent to offspring through genetic mutation.  I comb my  hair to the right, my dad combs his to the left, and my gramps combs his straight down."
Her - "Now you getting all philosophical!!"