Thursday, October 6, 2011

Meeting people

you walk in and say hello.  You try to sound different, unique, but also familiar and comfortable.  you know that the quickest path inside someone is the slowest one.  You take too many steps forward, they take that many steps back.  You take no steps at all, they step out.  You poker face all your real intentions into a coffee filter.  Letting them slowly drip out.  Little by little.  letting your victim see only a splat of the picture at a time.  slowly one more.  and one more.  her eyes intent on piecing together the circles.  and then they widen.  they open like a marble exiting a soft rubber straw.  her lips become an "O" quoted by her eyebrows.  And then they pop out.  And before you can throw it in the trash,  shes gone.           what did you do wrong?  years went into that picture.  years were spent softening her mouth.  how can a sponge meta-morph to a rock without even a little sun and rain.  You needed to be inside before the petrifaction.  Now everything you learned seems so fleeting.  all your time filtered away.  But where?