Friday, June 15, 2012


Culture, like every other word that rolls of the human tongue, is so culturally loaded it is almost pointless to attach any emotion to it, unless that emotion is born from your own individual perspective, but since words can be changed and given meaning at will by the person who speaks them, I can say perspective is another way of saying the culture of one thing. but since culture is just another word, and words are just culturally loaded nothings, then the individual culture of the word culture is loaded with culture.


  1. Copy and past your paragraph. then replace "words" with "images" and welcome to the world of visual communication aka graphic design.

  2. One thing that doesn't exist with verbal communication that does exist with Graphic design, and moreover controls graphic design a lot more are trends. trendy words come and go, but they never affect the whole entity of verbal communication like that of graphic design.

    The trend for simplicity, complexity, color, retro, etc. come and go like a tornado with graphic design. You see that with words and verbal communication but never on the same level because words are just artifacts used to express personality. The choice of words will always fall in line to assure ones personality is being expressed correctly. If I started using tons of retro words, it would throw off what type of person I had been portraying my whole life to the world and people would view me as posing, as being fake, and I would be checked back into line. Because of this check, verbal communication can never follow the same trends at the same level as visual.

    Visual's personality is, in essence, to please the viewer, which means it has no personality and as such it can portray them all. the closet verbal communicator to graphic design would be an actor. say whatever to portray what the viewer wants to see.

    because of that difference in personality, the words/pictures utilized in visual communication will always differ in meaning from the words/actions used in verbal because graphic design has no intrinsic personality that influences its output.

    visual communication-------veiwer input focused
    verbal communication-------communicator output focused

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  4. There seems to be more trends coming and going through visual than through verbal, yes. But both communications are viewer input AND communicator output focused.

    I can talk retro and I can use retro colors (how long I can get away with it before someone checks me back in line depends on how trendy it is at that moment)

    I can say things like "This is totally legit" or "She's super nice" and I can use bright bold colors contrasting with dull muted colors (I'm paralleling the style one might call 'hip')

    In both these cases, the giver tries to portray a certain personality. Whether or not the receiver hears/views it as such depends on the receiver's culture.

    I see the visual and the verbal as the same thing expect one's trends surface faster than the other's

  5. There is a repressed unconsciousness with language: "the word guest is cognate with (that is, has the same original root as) the word host, which in turn comes from the Latin word hostis, meaning an enemy. This hints at the potential double aspect of a guest, as either welcome or unwelcome, or as changing from one to the other. This notion of hostility, then, is like the repressed unconscious of the word, and the process of deconstruction, in revealing the unconscious of the text, might draw upon such disciplines as etymology in this way." - Beginning TheoryAn Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory. By Peter Barry