Thursday, May 24, 2012

Punctually expected

Consistent punctuality is something that is evident in only certain personalities.  So why is it an expectation of all people?  Why is being a-punctual a bad thing?  If one kind of trait is expected of all people, than it is also expected that everyone has the personality that places value on that trait.

That is just ridiculous.

No one would ever expect everyone to be the same, so why do we place these loaded expectations on certain traits?  If you value punctuality, it MIGHT mean you have a methodical, robotically efficient personality hence you value traits that express similar efficiency.  But to place that expectation on other people whom you by default would never presume have your personality is just.........ignorant (in the way you don't smile with child-like adoration, but grimace with adult frustration and immature hatred)

With this logic, it seems the only way to be just and fair to everyone is to expect nothing.  To expect anything.  To expect everything.  This is fine for say the first-second-maybe third time you meet someone,during that awkward getting to know each other phase, but if you live any relationship with an open world, streaming girth of expectationless acceptance, you fall into the same contradiction introduced in the beginning.  Because by expecting nothing, you are by default expecting anything, and that means that person has to be everything to fulfill your expectation.

So like a F1 race car, we come back to where we started.  The only way to manage a relationship is to expect from people what you will.  And if they don't fulfill, gather your balls up, and move into another playpen without any expectation that you will meet someone who fulfills your expectations.

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