Friday, December 9, 2011

Chill out Brain

My bathroom is different.  to some people it could be a nuisance.  and I totally agree that it can not ALWAYS be fun.  Architecture really is a work for the convenience of others.  everyone knows someone who is or is trying to be an architect, and call me ignorant, but one of those people you know you probably don't like.  They have a certain particularity about them that makes them difficult to get down with.  My bathroom has shown why.  My shower head is located directly to the right of my sink, a little bit above my head.  it is positioned so that if it were continuously emitting water and you walked in to simply wash your hands, you would be bath starting from the head with the water eventually trickling down to your toes if you remained there long enough.  now of course this has never happened - I am a water conservationist.  but what has happened and actually only two times, but all consecutive, was that the little knob that reroutes the water from the sink to the shower head had been left on the shower head slot after I finished my bath for the night.  I slept, and around 6-7am I usually need to pee so these two consecutive mornings I woke up, went to the pisser, piss, and then out of pure habit cuz I definitely wasnt conscious at this time, I turned on the SINK to wash my hands.  But to my surprise, the water decided that it was my head that needed the cleansing.  And I was completely awake from that moment on.
as interesting as this might not might not be, what really tickled my pickle was the psychological effect these mere two instances have had on me ever since.  this was about 2 weeks ago and 2 weeks later, every time I turn on a sink, regardless of where I am, restaurant, school, cafeteria, cave......I flinch.  my brain sends signals to my body to prepare for a surprising "unexpected" surprise.  But it doesnt happen.  I have used various sinks in various parts of town including my own since that fateful two-day event and at every one of them I turn on the hot water like a man trying to disarm a bomb.  when it is my own sink I never fail to check the knob.

Why did only 2 times caused such a deep profound everlasting effect on my psyche?

and this brings up another question all together.  above i wrote "unexpected" in little dots for a reason.  flinching is what you do when something unexpected (usually physical) comes into your field of vision or aura of awareness.  turning around to see a car racing down upon you.  hearing the sound of a bullet whiz by your ear, are all cases that would cause some flinching.  But the key element here is that it must be something that you didnt see coming.  "unexpected" entails that you were not aware of said object, and said object suddenly makes its presence known unbenounced to you, and so your evolutionaric reaction is a corporal flinch.  BUT!!!!!!!  the only reason I flinch in front of my sink if because I have already been attacked by the shower head twice before.  MEANING I am expecting it.  i am AWARE of what could happen. so this time I much be using the same evolutionary tactic for a completely different purpose.  I am using it for not an unexpected event containing an unexpected object, but an EXPECTED response from a familiar object.  similar to flinching in front of your evil step-father when he raises his hands to pick up his coffee at the dinner table because before he had done the same action, not to partake of caffeine, but to beat you cuz he doesnt like your mouth and the way you naturally feel comfortable using it.  That shower head had taken upon it a carnal presence complete with its own history and rational within my brain.  its rational, similar to that step-dad, is to cause freezing cold icicles of pin-pricking pain upon my face EVERY TIME i use a sink.  and because I flinch at any sink anywhere in the world, it is like that diabolical devious demonic duche has attained the ability to makes its spiritual presence in any room wherever a sink is also located, (excluding kitchens)..........*deep breath*......and this entire complicated psychological confluence happened from a simple 2 seperate yet consecutive attacks.  I am not a cousin to pain and misfortune which makes it even more bewildering to me why my brain reacted so aggressively to such seemingly innocent mishaps.