Thursday, May 24, 2012

How I teach

I walk in.  20 eyes stare at me.  I do nothing.  They begin to get anxious.  Still nothing.  Then they get restless.  Nothing.  The eyes start to do something.  Looking around, looking away, closing, refusing to open, THEN!!!!  I smile.  The eyes stop and return to me.  I look at one pair and say in a hearty voice from Santa's belly, "I am Happy", those eyes look away but this time they are accompanied with a smile.  I notice 9 other smiles have joined company.  I take my hand and wipe my smile off my face and make a fist.  I now have my smile in my hand - not on my face.  I do not say this figuratively in any extent of the word.  I HAVE my smile in my hand.  I point to my fist and raise it with a bellow before battle, "I HAVE A SMILE IN MY HAND!!!!".  My kids look around with a mouth that understands but eyes that don't.  I then meet each pair of eyes with mine as if scanning for something I need.  I see it.  And I throw my smile at the face below those eyes.  Those eyes are now partnered with my smile, and the game continues.

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