Monday, November 5, 2012


Them laws of correlation sure are a trip.  They make a raped old man smell like a freshly baked baby.

Here is where I am ----  depth of mind > directly correlated with > breadth of comfort.

The reflections of this are found in all facets throughout all time.

In history - periods when people developed their minds the most through art, food, torture etc. were when that people were comfortably well off.

In place - locations where minds are most easily developed and expressed are in those of a higher level of comfort.

In species - Organisms that exude the most highly articulated minds are also those that reside in the most comfort.


In history - renaissance, Industrial age, today.

In place - fact that most countries that revolutionize any median are already well developed.  Japan, Korea = electronics.  America = internet.  Great Britain = science.

In species - how much to does a bee work compared to a human?


I also had a thought about how all our personalities are the same thing, just different shade of color.  We all desire comfort.  Our personalities are all comfort, and they only show their unique colors with how we do 2 things.  1 - what we desire to do that we can only do in a comfortable situation, e.g. read a book.  and 2 - what we desire to do that is in contrast to this comfortable situation. e.g. sleep on the side of a cliff.

And so it seems our entire lives are spent maintaining this comfort, because only in a comfortable state can we we do these 2 things.

could there possibly be a correlation with the actual size of ones homes to the depth of their personality?  So could the majority of shallow people live in small homes?

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