Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Lost Form of Art

Case #1.

       Damon the mailman goes through a traumadic experience.  He hits a dog, ultimately killing it, with his 3-wheeled buggy in route to a very important delivery.  He had become very close with The Family, and through their casual interactions he learned that little Will was waiting for his acceptance letter to the local university of Technology.  It was very clear that The Family was very anxious, borderline apprehensive because Little Will wasn't the smartest nut in the tree, but Damon could sense the pure innocent good of the boy.  The Family hadn't expressed this to Damon the mailman, but also they were relying on Little Will's acceptance for the continued prosperity of their familiar organism.  See, the father of The Family was struck ill with leprosy which forced him incapable of bringing home the daily Bread.  So Little Will's scholarly successes would effectively become the life force of The Family.  But all this changed with Bennles.

      Bennles was a very curious subject.  He lived each day at the whim of his nose.  This wasn't a choice Bennles made every day, it was simply him.  Like clockwork, every day presented a new scent and like clockwork Bennles became it's slave.  until one day this scent led Bennles out into the street, and like a whip, Damon the mailman's buggy snapped the life right out of his body.

       The trauma caused by this event dragged Damon the mailman into a depressed state of questioning what was life.  How could LIFE be so fragile to fall asunder a small 3-wheeled buggy traveling 2 kilometers an hour, yet so powerful to change his very conscious existence forever?

       Needless to say, Damon didn't deliver the importance, and immediately became Damon the Ex-mailman.  Unbenounced to Damon, this failure to fulfill caused The Family to fall into an economic slum and their whereabouts as of today are unknown if they will ever be known at all.  But that's not important.  You see THIS happens all the time because of events like THAT.  And the victim always becomes THIS while THAT always becomes the blame.

       Damon in reaction to his reaction takes a undetermined length of leave from society.  He eventually discovers that his only way of coping with his newly defined life is with color.  So he continues his age old hobby which he previously abandoned from lack of confidence.  He paints the most beautiful descriptions of pain, which then turns into vivid renditions of surrender.  Which then transforms into horrifically mesmerizing plaques of death.  The last being his real-life portrayal of suicide.

       All this went down in seclusion.  Damon the Ex-mailman was alone by choice, but his discovery after death was not.  It happened a couple days later.  Because Damon had a family despite his seemingly loner demise, and they were worried.  after the amount of grievance sufficient to move on, his family saw the wonder behind all the dark dreary colors of Damon's last words, and decided to profit from it.   And profit did they.

        With their new found riches, they founded various charities to cope with the shame of selling their dead father out.  These charities didn't help them, but they did help The Family.  The Family, during their absence from this story, had also lost their father to the curiosities of death and found financial solace in a charity set up to support families that lacked breadwinners.

The End.

Case #2.

      A girl mentally connects two pieces of information that were seemingly unrelated to solve a question she had been struggling with for a considerable amount of time.

Question #1.

Which case is more artistic?

Opinion #1 for Q#1.

both are equally as artistic as they are not.

Question #2

Which case is possibly more important?

Opinion #1 for Q#2

Both are equally as important as they are not.

Question #3


Opinion #1 for Q#3


Question #4

If the final definition of something's quality is determined by it's subjectivity to reality, and subjectivity can be shaped according to ones objective, and objectivity is the absence of subjectivity,  than is reality non-existent?

Opinion #1 for Q#4


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