Friday, March 23, 2012

My (our) inescapable fear

I had feared, but I thought I was over that boulder.  I had struggled like a monk to surmount it.  I was on top, victorious, chest puffed out like a turkey, proud of my accomplishment.  And the nuclear fallout from my past relations was the perfect amount of salt to make for an especially savory experience.

I was excited to tackle the next one, and finally announce who I was (actually who I had been expected to be my whole life).

But just as my chest was deflating to take in the next breath as a new man, guess I exhaled too hard because I blew away that cloud in front of me to reveal a wall.

I couldn't see the beginning or end of this wall.  It came down from the clouds, and went straight into the earth.  It touched the rising sun to the east and setting sun to the west.  It was like God slammed shut my doggy door to the world so I couldn't go outside and bark my achievements to the neighbors.

Through the squint of my eye I noticed the wall was just one word.......fear.  But I understood differently.  It wasn't the fear I had known so intimately.  It was a fear of the WORD.