Thursday, March 8, 2012

Love and Sex

Love and Sex. I used to think they could only exist hand in hand. I truly believed it. I thought it as a part of my life. I couldn't comprehend doing one without the other. I thought and felt all of that but it isn't true. I have matured in that aspect a lot recently. A lot of thought has been spent on the subject. I have realized that two agents exist that keep love and sex from always being together. They are loneliness and confusion. of course I accept that there are other agents out there but loneliness and confusion are the only two that can take someone who tries to keep love and sex together and make that person do something he/she never thought possible.

Love and sex are like a couple. They love each other and each is only true when they are both together. But they can be seperated.

Maybe Love needs to go to India on business, so Sex feels very lonely, so lonely that He convinces himself that Love didn't actually go to India but left him forever. Sex does something he never thought he'd do.

Maybe Sex Needs to finish this book he has been trying to write for years so he doesn't give Love as much attention as she is used to. This could really confuse Love as to whether Sex really loves her or not. Love does something she never thought she'd do.

I still believe that Love and Sex go hand in hand and should only exist as so, but I now understand the power of Loneliness and Confusion. And as such I cannot make any judgments when they come in and mess things up.

I heard that when love happens with sex it is called "making love".  I like that. 

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  1. If virginity is "never having sex" and sex is "intercourse without love" then I'm a virgin.

    Interesting how you labeled sex as male and love a female. If you were speaking another language would you have avoided giving each a gender?