Friday, May 10, 2013

social spiders

You open your eyes and see her in front of you.  Your vibe magnetically pulled her to you.
 10%shy, 30%excited, 60% uncontrollable curiosity causes her to remain there as you eye her deep your helpless her inch nearer.  Your hips sway so close to hers you could grate cheese.  That goddamn stare.  In any other situation it would cause a sexual harassment case, but in that moment it causes you two to become sexual basket cases.  She was brought to you, but she can't get near you.  You sense this and reach your hand out in rhythm of the music to give this vibe a place to call home.  She doesn't react.  She knows what you did; her eyes cannot lie, but she lets that 10%shy become 100% control.  you disappear.

You open your eyes and see her to your right.  Your vibe magnetically pulled her to you.  This time your hand finds home on her waist.  Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm.  That waist connecting to that ass causes a train wreck in your mind when you touch it.  This time you put a name to those eyes.  The history behind that name is deeper than your hands in her pockets.  That goddamn ass.  In any other situation it would cause Pandora's wrath, but in this moment it causes an emotional crash.  Your fingers enjoy it for no more than a second then it disappears.  That's your cue to do the same.

You open your eyes and see her to your left.  Your vibe magnetically pulled her to you.  This time it is business.  No words are spoken.  No confirmations are given.  The tide just sweeps you two away.  You are spinning.  She is laughing, smiling like she has never before.  You are a creature she has never seen before.  You are a martian she can't stop probing.  The feelings you release within her are an addiction to the moment.  She can't stop.  You can't stop.  You pull near to her.  Your cheek brushes past her face, 5 o'clock shadow prickling her like a porcupine.  Porcupines are sexy as hell right now.  You kiss her check, hand, and neck once each in this world but a million times in your world.  Your mind is clueless to what your body is doing, your body is perfectly fine with that.  You keep spinning.  She keeps getting closer.  This time her 10%shy becomes a near zero as her breath paints your lips with desire.  You've had enough.  You need no more signs.  You have accommodated this spider long enough.  It is time to wrap her up for the night and your rock solid 6 inch dick communicates it's full support.  "난피곤해, 가자?" ............... The longest 3 second pause she probably ever committed in her life and as she emerged from the rubble what were the words she spoke proceeding that pause she was met with nothing.  You were already in a taxi with the biggest smile you had since your life began that night.

That encounter was as hot as a 3rd degree burn, blistering with passion from every pore in your communal bodies, yet nothing happened.  Why?  She was a social spider.

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