Thursday, March 5, 2015

Smart people are ALWAYS bored

Smart people are NEVER bored.

I read the above comment some random person on some random thread in some random location on the internet.  This statement has an interesting truth behind it and I think the best way to illustrate it is by saying that we will never understand intelligence until we stop using the word "smart" as an adjective to describe a noun and start to use it as a verb to describe what a noun does.

Smart as an adjective is static.  It can't measure any sort of activity unless the noun it is attached to is active.  This causes a lot of confusion if one wants to measure how smart a noun is say that noun is a person - the idea behind the IQ test.  When one receives an IQ score, similar the adjective "smart", the score cannot measure the intellectual activity of someone, it merely states the degree of intellect in the person at the time of its issuance.  Although there surely was a lot of action involved with getting a high IQ test score, sadly none of that action is included as part of the measurement of that person's intelligence.  What this means is your intelligence is temporary, and as time passes away, so does your intelligence.  Under these conditions the only way to remain intelligent is to continually score high on the test.  This is the reason behind the fear many middle-aged people have with the prospect of switching jobs.  They think  their intelligence has spoiled.  This is the reason why there is a rush to recruit fresh college graduates - gotta get them while they are ripe.  Intelligence, used as an adjective to describe us, is of value to the lucky few who are picked, and for the rest - has a very short shelf life.  But intelligence used as a verb to describe what we do - is eternal and has value to everyone.  

Boredom entails the person that feels it is not doing anything.  At any given moment one cannot be bored and do.  One can have a general sense of boredom about their life, even if every day they are actively doing something.  In that case the boredom is describing the overall level of enjoyment one receives from life.  It describes a general state of not doing what one wants to do.  But while one is physically/mentally engaged in an activity, regardless to the relational value that activity has with the person's general desires from life, boredom cannot exist.  In order for such a person to acknowledge boredom, that person would have to stop the mental or physical activity.  If anyone doubts me, please find someone who claims to be bored in any sense of the word I have hereto described.  While that person is engaged in some form of mental or physical activity ask them if they are bored.  I promise they will have to stop what they are doing, stop what they are thinking to answer you.  You cannot do and be bored at the same time.  

The only way an action can be sustained for an indefinite amount of time is if the action is enjoyable by at least one of the persons involved.  All action will end once the enjoyment of it ceases.  Enjoyment is the opposite of boredom and sustain is the opposite of cease.  Sustain is the state of continuously doing and cease is the state of not doing.  This is some correlational sweetness in case anyone of the scientific persuasion was still in doubt.

Here are my conclusions.  Using smart as an adjective can only describe the intelligence of someone in one particular moment, yet people are constantly changing.  Therefore it is very inaccurate to use static terms to describe the flux of people.  It would hitherto make sense to use smart only as a verb because verbs are the most accurate part of speech to describe the flux of (wo)man.  Yet if verbs are also the only part of speech that can be used to describe action, and boredom cannot exist with action, then smart as a verb and boredom cannot co-exist - only smart as an adjective can.  

The statement that begins this article is false.  

Smart used as an adjective to describe people can only describe people at one moment in time.  Boredom can only exist in a state void of action.  Action cannot exist with Smart people because action is continuous thus requiring innumerable moments of time.  By using smart as an adjective, the only way to make the above statement true is to say Smart people are always bored.  

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