Sunday, November 16, 2014

How I define "DJ"

I define being a DJ as effectively plagiarizing other people's works and releasing it right at that the point where people are getting bored of the original but would still enjoy a plagiarized one, and then trying to show these people that you also have original work.

Possible correlations with STWO's remix  of 'Wifey' and Next's original:

  • More people sharing the STWO's remix than people sharing Next's original work.

  • The accumulated amount of views of videos depicting STWO's remix may be more than those of Next's original.

Possible explanations for these correlations:

  • Popularity may be determined more by how many people share your work than by how many clicks you get.  The Click market may be too saturated.
Possible correlations to this correlation:

  • Is a DJ's popularity correlated with the number of Remixes he or she has done?
  • Is there a correlation between the number of Remixes a DJ has done with this DJ's popularity?
  • If there is a negative correlation, is there a correlation between the number of times a DJ changes his name with the time it takes him to gain popularity? 

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