Friday, January 4, 2013

I'd like my mayhem medium rare please

I have been toying with a theory of mine for quite some time.  Wrote about a million different articles each playing with a different version of it or some aspect of it but none of them fully satisfying my ever particular palate enough to be published.  Then I had a brain-crack moment and I kid you not almost immediately afterwards I read this (bottom of pg 245 to top of page 246) in the book "The Origin of Species" by my main man Charles Big D.  He perfectly illustrates in that paragraph what I had been struggling with for...........some time.  I have had similar moments with other authors I enjoy, the biggest one being a couple years ago I developed an idea about how none of us are free in the sense that we seem to interpret it and just a couple months ago I stumble upon a short book called "Free Will" by Sam Harris in which he spells out in words much more precise than I could ever vomit exactly what I had rolling around in my head.

The saying "it's a small world" denotes much more than simply bumping into other people in random places at random times.  Even more than bumping into someone who happens to be similar to you in ways you never thought existed.  I had, in my own method and through my own mayhem, come up with nearly the same ideologies as people born in different parts of the world, in different circumstances, with different means and purposes, in different languages AND I had come to know of these people's ideas.  The grandeur of what actually goes on in each of our lives, how complex and random events happen that cause reactions from us, how these reactions are genetically/habitually disposed to be to some degree unique, how through this entire kaleidoscope of organized mayhem I had come to my own personal opinions and then discovered they were shared by other people to a degree so close you could barely see their differences with a microscope is the most amazing thing about life - it's mayhem that you can enjoy with a fork.

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