Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My art is better than yours...NA NA NA NA NA NA!!!!!

I want to attempt to objectively state the most important form of art.  This is oxymoronic in that the word "important" is intrinsically NOT objective.  So in order to attempt such a task effectively, I must first give the word "important" a definition that would be difficult to slander in a general sense.  This will require me to avoid the maze of specifics and effectively remain general in how I analyze what IS important.  Furthermore, Art also has a very subjective feeling about it, but I think it is safe for me to assume that all art is inherently the same, and with that assumption It will be a lot easier to put each form of art on it's rightful stair of importance.

So first, What is important?

This is easy.  Without life, almost every art form out there would be rendered extinct. There would be no chameleons to paint.  No birds to sing.  No dogs to dance.  No hands to draw.  No brains to create.  There would be nothing.

So it is irrefutably clear that important can be defined as that which allows for the existence, understanding, and effectively sustenance of life.

So in sequence the statement "the most important art form is that which affects the condition of all life on this planet" can be made with little expected offense.

And with this stream of logic, I can state without a single worry of anyone knocking on my door with a beaker marked "BOOM" and then blowing my head of with a sawed off shotgun that the most important art form is without a doubt science.

Thank you and good night, we both got a long day ahead of us.

OH YEA!!! about where all those other art form's rightful places are on our staircase:  doesn't really matter, just keep making your art, it is a great relaxing agent for us scientartists after a long days effort of creatively understanding and improving your life.

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