Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am a Racist

The majority of the people on this earth are deriven from a sustaining race. They all share certain characteristics.

They prefer to be comfortable.
They can handle a mundane lifestyle for exceptionally long times.
They don't fear change but would rather have a TV.
They fear Fear though.
They also react to "different" in a non-supportive way.

These people are very important for the sustainment of this world. It takes a lot of manpower to keep the world moving. So without these people, The world would literally stop and we would all melt down into blobs of mushy, weird smelling

Then there is the remaining few who make up the progressive race. They also share certain characteristics.

They despise being too comfortable.
They go mad in a mundane lifestyle.
If they could replace their heart with change and continue living, they would do it in a heartbeat.
They fear though.
They also react to "accepted" in a non-supportive way.

These people are very important for the advancement of our world. It takes very few of these people to create a change in the world, but it requires a very specific environment.

That is where I am a racist.

The sustaining race is always trying to keep the progressive out of that environment. They do this everytime they create a norm. but moreso when they enforce that norm.

It is sad when (in reaction to this norm) someform from the progressive race feels that it needs to be emotionally involved with the sustaining race. This is sad because the sheer mass of the sustaining race is so big that it bogs down any form of progressive race that gets caught in it, thus keeping that progressive form from realizing its true potential.

Both races will never understand each other due to the differences in mental processing, so I propose that each race respect the others environment, and if someform from either race has a true heartfelt desire to get emotionally involved with the other race, only then should such acts be permitted.

otherwise let them each be left, in their perspective environments, to do their jobs and live their love.

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